An Expert Leather Trimming Service for Car interiors based in Sandbach Cheshire

Looking to add luxury, class and sophistication to your vehicle? Speak to Trimmtech! We are specialist leather trimming experts who can transform the interior of any car with a lavish leather finish that oozes glamour, elegance and a timeless design.

Based in Sandbach, our service covers every make and model of car you can think of, which means we can update Fords and Vauxhalls to Porsches, BMWs and Jaguars. The quality materials we use and our commitment to providing a bespoke service ensures that every vehicle is finished in style – from the seating and door panels to the headrests, kickboards, headlining and carpets, we can handle the lot!

Interior Car Trimming

Choose any colour of your choice and we’ll repair or completely re-upholster the interior or your car with fresh leather panels. You’ll be able to update the look of your vehicle and feel like you’re driving a brand new car without having to make an expensive purchase.

Horsebox Trimming

Revitalise the front cabin and rear living space of your horsebox with a leather finish. We can cover the seats, cushions, interior living area and door panels with a lavish material to create a beautiful setting that looks attractive and feels comfortable.

Volkswagen Camper Van Retrims

Give us the chance to re-model the interior of your VW Van by transforming the seating and surrounding area with a mix of textured leather finishes and colours. Choose a single colour or opt for an array of hues that complement each other to create a custom interior unlike any other.

Leather Seat Repairs

Come to us to find a quick solution to fixing leather chairs and seats that have been ripped or torn – we’ll replace any damaged areas or upholster the whole lot to update well-crafted pieces of furniture that deserve to be retained for the future. Even dental chairs, restaurant seating and bar stools can benefit from a quick revamp from our specialist re-upholsterers.

Motorbike Seat Replacements

Get your motorbike seat altered, adapted and repaired right here! We can add our take out extra filling, mould the existing shape to suit you and cover the entire thing in leather at an affordable price. Embroidery and piping can be blended into the final design to help you create a motorcycle you can be proud of.

Rear Screen Replacements

Save yourself a bundle and opt for a rear screen replacement from us. Instead of removing the entirety of your soft top hood we will simply replace the plastic screen to save on costs. We use all the same materials as the manufacturers themselves, which means you’ll get a fantastic result at a fraction of the price.

Take a look through our site to find more details on the particular service you require. If you can’t find what you’re looking for just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you over the phone.

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